Fly Tipping Garden Waste

Birmingham: Fly-tipping of garden waste become a local election issueI was getting rid of some garden waste the other day and my neighbour accused me of flytipping. I don’t think that I was. What do you think? The sma

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Flytipping. F. l y-tipping is the unauthorised dumping of waste. It is something that most countryside managers have to deal with from time to time, and is …

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In Scotland, use dumb dumpers to report fly-tipping. Or find out what to do about fly tipping in Northern Ireland. Report hazardous waste and large scale illegal …

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17/03/2014  · Hi all Thought I’d run this by the oracle seeing as the police, council, housing assc, env health aren’t interested. Basically the …

Fly-tipping – the illegal dumping of waste By Sara Priestley Inside: 1. The problem of fly-tipping. 2. What are the penalties for fly-tipping? 3.

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